Fall in Love with your oils in February!
Has Orange got you feeling like spring is around the corner? 

Joy is not too far behind when you mix and match February's bonus oils for enticing scent recipes to share with loved ones or maybe keep for a date night of pampering yourself!

Bergamot also provides a smile and Geranium is calming to ground you. Lastly, V6-Enhanced Vegetable Oil brings it all together as the perfect carrier oil for a soothing massage. Putting your romance potions in a Young Living roller bottle lets you carry the love throughout the year.

Valentine's Day never looked (or smelled) so good!
With Essential Rewards you can earn all of the above for free when you place 100PV, 190PV, 250PV or 300PV. It just gets sweeter as you go! 

What the heck is Essential Rewards? Great question! Let's have a chat so you can get your hands on free stuff too!



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